If you find him, he has already found you!

A psychopath terrorizes Copenhagen.

At each blood-stained crime scene he leaves his “card”: a brown man, a handmade doll made of matches and two chestnuts. Examining the dolls, the Directorate of Criminological Investigations is faced with a shocking discovery: a fingerprint belonging to a girl, the daughter of a minister, who was abducted and murdered a year ago.

Tragic coincidence or something much more perverted?

In order to save innocent lives, a pair of detectives will have to put aside their differences so that they can begin to connect the abominable elements left behind by the Brown Man.
Because one thing is absolutely clear: the killer is on a mission that has a long way to go …

And no one is safe.

product Ο Καστανάνθρωπος


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